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The 5 Pillars of Conscious Leadership

Our leadership development platform focuses on developing leaders in five key areas. These areas form the pillars of our conscious leadership framework.
  • Resilience

    Preserve energy, maintain your mindset and learn to work in a sustainable way.

  • Purpose

    Act with purpose. Cut through the noise, do work that matters and stay on track.

  • Growth

    Realise that learning is constant. Curiosity drives performance; don’t be afraid of failure!

  • Awake

    Be awake to self-understanding. Recognise the beliefs driving your behaviour and stay connected to what is going on inside and around you.

  • Togetherness

    Create an environment in which everyone feels like they matter. Build inclusive environments where everyone can do great work.

Leaders are employees too

Conscious Leader Psychometric Assessment

Our UCL validated Conscious Leader psychometric gives you a moment in time view of how you are doing as a leader – predicting wellbeing, burnout, and performance more than any other personality measure available on the market.

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Consciously is our digital learning and wellbeing platform combining innovative technology and progressive curated content.
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The 5 Pillars of Conscious Leadership


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