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Unleash your full potential with our conscious leadership technology and improve your wellbeing and performance as a leader.

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A fresh approach to leadership training and development

An evolved, conscious approach to leadership that is fit for the modern world of work. Become more aware and connected to yourself and others. Achieve faster growth with our innovative conscious leadership development approach.

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What Conscious Leadership will bring to you

Every element of our online leadership platform is designed specifically for leaders, helping them to:


  • Gain personal insight and a better sense of self
  • Take care of their own wellbeing, and the wellbeing of those around them
  • Access practical guidance to solve “real-time” leadership challenges
  • Hit their personal development goals while working towards organisational growth


We provide a range of rich content as well as the opportunity to gain conscious leadership accreditation.

The 5 Pillars of Conscious Leadership

Our leadership development platform focuses on developing leaders in five key areas. These areas form the pillars of our conscious leadership framework.
  • Resilience

    Preserve energy, maintain your mindset and learn to work in a sustainable way.

  • Purpose

    Act with purpose. Cut through the noise, do work that matters and stay on track.

  • Growth

    Realise that learning is constant. Curiosity drives performance; don’t be afraid of failure!

  • Awareness

    Be awake to self-understanding. Recognise the beliefs driving your behaviour and stay connected to what is going on inside and around you.

  • Togetherness

    Create an environment in which everyone feels like they matter. Build inclusive environments where everyone can do great work.

Leaders are employees too

Leaders are central to the success of organisations, they are expected to deliver a lot. Unless they are taking care of themselves and unless they are intentional about the way they lead, they can impact performance and wellbeing.

It's time to ditch the rulebook on leadership and develop a more conscious way of leading.


of leaders are exhausted and burnout levels have increased


of leaders struggle to provide support to their team

Conscious Leader Psychometric Assessment

Our UCL validated Conscious Leader psychometric gives you a moment in time view of how you are doing as a leader. Predicting wellbeing, burnout, and performance more than any other personality measure available on the market.

psychometric assessment


Get to grips with who you are

Very few of us have a good enough understanding of what makes us thrive. Your report gives a holistic view of how you are supporting your own wellbeing and performance and what you can do to feel and perform better.
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A starting point for personal development

Through understanding yourself better, you put yourself in control of your life, both at home and at work. Our tools give you choices about how you can lead both.
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Like a leadership coach in your pocket

Consciously is our digital learning and wellbeing platform combining innovative technology and progressive curated content.
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An ongoing journey of learning and discovery

From video to audio and articles, our curated conscious leadership content library gives leaders trusted knowledge to help them build self awareness and solve their daily challenges.
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Create time to think

Leaders have a lot of demands on their time and finding time to step back can be hard. Yet our research shows that having time to reflect has the biggest impact on how one feels and performs.
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Track your progress

Keep track of your progress, hit the milestones you set for yourself and see what co-workers are interested in as you go.
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Check in with yourself

Stress builds up, especially when we are not paying attention to ourselves. By regularly checking in, you can stay in charge of your wellbeing.

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Leaders, both business and HR have been distracted by less people-focussed strategies like process efficiency, labour cost minimisation etc. Whilst those strategy levers aren’t without commercial impact, ultimately the key to realising true sustainable individual, community and business success is unlocking full human capital potential through Conscious Leadership capability."

Caleb Baker

Group Managing Director @ Will

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