Who Are We?

We're The Conscious Leadership Company (TCLC for short) and we are passionate about helping leaders to be at their best. This is why we are disrupting the way that leadership development is done. We use tech to enable leaders to learn, reflect and track the way they feel, continuously, so that they can do the best possible job - and feel good while they do it.

Our CEO, Natasha Wallace, founded TCLC after years of supporting leaders to build performance in their teams. Natasha saw that there was a way for teams to sustain their performance as well as their wellbeing but that leaders needed to be ‘conscious’ for that to happen. Conscious Leadership was born out of a need to give leaders the knowledge and awareness they need to lead themselves and the people around them to thrive in the modern workplace.
Having worked across various industries and sectors, Natasha saw that the one thing that was common to them all was the challenges leaders faced - leadership is a tough gig. Yet when leaders are equipped with the right knowledge, tools, and awareness, at the right time, they can excel and so can their teams. They can avoid burnout too.

We've developed innovative technology to keep leaders connected. To themselves, their teams, and to what they need to stay energised - essential for the hybrid world of work. Sustaining performance alongside wellbeing is what we're all about and our technology makes that possible.

Our vision is to improve working lives for everyone

Our mission is to enable leaders globally to:


  • Lead in a sustainable way
  • Support themselves at work
  • Create healthy and thriving cultures


We believe we can do this through:


  • Creating great quality conscious content
  • Creating space for reflection and quality thought
  • Tracking wellbeing
  • Connecting like-minded leaders together

The Conscious Effect book

The Conscious Effect focuses on reconnecting leaders with both their people and themselves. It awakens the awesome potential in organisations through an emotionally intelligent, people-first approach, which places employee and leadership wellbeing at its heart, and helps leaders to become more consciously aware of what's going on within and around them. If leaders take better care of themselves and their people, they will run more socially responsible businesses that can leverage the full potential of their employees. This book weaves together practical knowledge of psychology and behavioural science so that leaders can understand what to do and why it works.
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Meet the Team

Natasha Wallace

Founder & CEO

Gorkan Ahmetoglu

In-house Psychologist

Ruta Sudmantaite

Head of Marketing

Rob Hough

Head of Design

Kath Coleman-Jones

Head of Learning Design

Loïc Le Merlus

Head of Engineering

Alex Louviers

Product Designer

Libbie Millier

Senior Instructional Designer

Our Non-Executive Board

Alistair Forbes

Non-Executive Director

Jackie Forbes

Non-Executive Director

Stuart Hearn

Non-Executive Director

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