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Leader Wellbeing Temperature Check Template

In this new hybrid world, it is important to have a strong support system in the office, even if that office is now virtual. A support system that focuses on wellbeing and remembers that employees are people. This is especially true for leaders who are under increased pressure to put the needs of both their organisation and team members above their own. 


Get your wellbeing temperature check template: 


Unsurprisingly, a majority of individuals across the UK agree that organisations are not providing the amount of support employees and leaders need. However, this does not mean that organisations and individuals are not striving to facilitate a healthy workplace, and adopt a more well-rounded “conscious approach”


A “Conscious” leader is more likely to: 


  • Be satisfied with their job 


  • Be engaged at work


  • Have higher or better wellbeing 


  • Perform tasks effectively and efficiently at work


  • Be engaged in the activities that contribute to the social and psychological core of the organisation.

To give you a snapshot view into how your work environment is affecting you, and help you get an idea of where to begin we have created a wellbeing temperature check that you can download below.